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FT Stone

Liquid product: oil and water resistant

This new type of product avoid water and oil permeation into granite, marble, stone and sandstone surfaces.


Used on stone type surfaces, FT STONE makes a permanent protective film without any tear (in contrast with other products that show tears and let water and oil permeate into the materials  - due to temperature changes).
The new product FT STONE: 1) guarantees long lasting time of effect 2) it does neither split or scratch 3) it does not react to any source of heat 4) it keeps intact the stone surfaces as good as new.


Aspect: liquid-pasty
Colour: yellow
PH: 5-7
Melting point: NA
Boiling point:  (like water) 100°
Flammable Point: NA
Solid/gas flammability:NA
Explosive properties:NA
Combustive agent properties: no one
Liposoluble: NA
Log 10 Po/w: NA
Vapour density: NA  


5 kg and 25 kg tanks (each)

This product is not classified as dangerous according to the I.A.T.A e I.M.O. regulations.


The MPC Product was expressly formulated to solve the problems either  connected to some stone types that show changes in porosity, some micro-fractures and some micro-imperfections - depending on a deterioration of different origin and kind - or connected to some stone types set in places subjected to mechanical or chemical stress.


  • it restores the mineral alloys increasing the mechanical features of the material

  • it keeps both unaltered the structure and intact the natural porosity of the processed material making it waterproof even if it is placed in damp and moist areas where there can be the typical molds


5 Kg - 10 kg - 25 kg can (each)

It is an INFLAMMABLE product

Transported with ADR.
Transport Note
Not Dangerous Statement (I.A.T.A)
The product is not dangerous according to the currant regulations referring to the goods transport: by road (ADR), by train (RID), by sea (IMDG) and by plane (ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR  ICAO/IATA class)



The AVILON product was expressly studied to solve the typical problems of the natural stones such as: absorption, low abrasive strength and opacity.
It is an excellent waterproof product. It has got an high abrasive strength and it is acid-fast. It is an excellent protective and it restores the stone surfaces.


  • It restores the granite surfaces and it brightens the flat colored materials.

  • It does not alter the natural colors of the material

  • Simple application

  • It is enough a small quantity of the product per square meter to achieve excellent results. The good balance quality/price makes AVILON a very competitive product if compared to other available protectives.

  • After 24 hours, it is UV resistant and scratchproof


5 Kg - 10 kg - 25 kg can (each)
Fit for export

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