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Water treatment
Bat – onzime

Product : Bat - onzime
Powder products with bacterial and enzymic slow discharge for waste water treatment both industrial and urban


5 - 10 - 25 kg bags and other type of packaging


Specific products fit for the organic disposal of the drain and the waste water.
Bat-onzime  provides for the nonstop dosage of the micro-organisms. It needs neither electric energy nor particular dosage systems.
For further information, please contact us directly to our e-mail address, to our phone numbers or ask for our data sheet


Product : Overtrow
Odor breaker and cleaner
A product expressly studied to stop and to eliminate any bad smells coming out of the tankers during the cleaning of: drain, septic tank, shafts, pipes etc...

25 lt tank (each)


Product : Hydrofloc
Cationico or anionico poli-electrolyte
C 8 N - A38

powder product in 25 kg bags (each)

For further information, please contact us directly by e-mail, by phone or ask for our data sheet

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