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Granite cutting line

Product BAT: this product replaces the hydrated lime in the granite sawing
Powder Product

BAT is a powder product easy recognizable in its physical state by its beige/green shade. It replaces the steel grit in the granite sawing.
Thanks to its features of suspensivant and lubricant the product BAT increases the density and the viscosity of the cutting mixture. It keeps in suspension the steel grit and at the same time it decreases blades friction of the frame reducing its temperature


  •    Lower blade wear: up to 15-25%

  •    Lower power use: from 4 to 6 kw/h

  •    Lower steel grit use: from 5 to 15%

  •    Lower frame stress

  •    Frames and blocks easy washing (mid-time)

  •    No thinner pipe sections (there is no need of periodical acid washings)

  •    Preservation of the rubber part of the pumps - (which are generally subject to wear: computable around 30% - both for the          mixture lift pump and for the other abrasive pulp evacuate pumps

  •    No deposit formations

  •    Lower quantity of the abrasive pulp to clean (monthly): 4,5 ton per frame

  •    Lower cost for abrasive pulps cleaning

  •    No skin burn (as it happens using the hydrated lime)

  •    Low environmental impact

Automatic equipment for granite sawing frames
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Details list

1 master control board
2 hydraulic lime mixing tank
3 steel shot feeder
4 steel shot recovering
5 switching unit with valves
6 bridge crane with hoist
7 cutting fluid sprinkler
8 antiabrasive pipe
9 feeding pump
10 evaquate pump
11 lime silo


the product BAT is available in:
25 Kg bag (each) - 1050 kg pallet: foreign market / 1200 kg national market - loose in silo tank

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